James Ball Post-Truth

James Ball Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the WorldPost-Truth:

How Bullshit Conquered the World

James Ball

Jamesd Ball is a political, data and investigative journalist who has worked in both the United Kingdom and the US. He has writen for BuzzFeed, the Guardian and the Washingon Post and has won the Pullitzer Prize and the British Journalism Award for investigative reporting. In Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World James Ball tackles how bullshit has come to dominate the current political scene using the examples of Trump's rise to power as the US President and the victory of the Brexit campaign in the UK. Ball argues that these two examples take bullshit, lying, and sophistry to new levels. Ball examines the social, economic and political forces that encourage the spread of bullshit and looks at politicians, old media, new mediia, fake media, social media and the consumer. He exposes the vulnerabilities of each form of media to bullshit and the spread of bullshit that incentivize politicians and others to exploit them and provides an important discussion on why bullshit works, why preople are susceptible to it, why those in the media make money off it and how we have come to live in a bullshit culture. He finishes the book laying out ways to thwart bullshit, providing advice to politicians, the media, and the consumer. I don't think he lays out all solutions or even a complete solution but he opens the discussion and points to ways to start addressing these issues. Ball is an interesting, entertainin and provocative writer and this book is an important read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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