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Stasis Field Hazy IPA with Citra and Sabro


Wild Mind Artisanal Ales 1840 Brewing Co Stasis Fields Hazy IPA with Citra and SabroWild Mind Artisanal Ales 1840 Brewing Co Stasis Field Hazy IPA with Citra and Sabro hops (8.1% alcohol by volume). This beer is a collaboration between Minneapolis' Wild Mind Artisanal Ales and Milwaukee's 1840 Brewing Company which identifies itself as an urban farmhouse brewery. Sabro is an aroma hop known for the complex fruity and citrus aromas and flavors it brings to the beer. Citra hops were first bred in 1990 and hit the market in 2008. It is one of the most citrusy hops around while also providing good bittering characteristics. It came to everyone's attention when Sierra Nevada Brewing Company used it in their Torpedo IPA in 2009. The hop bill makes Stasis Field exciting and it doesn't disappoint. The aroma offers orange with some coconut and tropical fruit, mint and grapefruit. It does not smell not grassy or herbaceous and the malt is clean, in the background and provides support for the rich hop aromas. The beer pours hazy gold and is not cloudy or murky under 3" robust light beige cap with good retention. The rich, big hop flavors lead with stone fruit, coconut, grapefruit,and tropical fruit with an interesting yeast character in the background. The rich fruity hop flavors lead to a crisp, dry finish with a slight hop astringent note. The hop character is moderately assertive but is not sharp or harsh. While there is a touch of tartness the beer does not burn a hole in your stomach. The malt follows and supports the hop flavors and the hop bitterness is moderately low. The beer is a little thick but still works. A dash of creaminess adds rather than detracts. the carbonation is medium carbonation and the beer has a smooth alcohol warming in a medium full body. The alcohol does not intrude on overall balance. Stasis Field is a big juicy hazy IPA that delivers the flavor but not the acidity. If you are not driving you will have no trouble drinking a few of these in an evening. I rate it 83.

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