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ild Mind Artisan Ales Whoa JackWild Mind Artisan Ales Whoa Jack (10.3% alcohol by volume) when you pick up the bottle and have the first ship has you saying "Whoa Jack what the hell is this." It reminds me of those old Volkswagen Beetle kit cars where you could transform you Beetle into a sports car, dune buggy or hot rod. This is a red wine on a beer chassis. The label calls it a wild ale brewed with Frontenac grapes and when you open the bottle it hits you with a definite red grape smell with some alcohol and wild yeast. The beer yeast funk comes forward as the beer warms and adds dimension to the drink. It pours brilliant purple with a light, short-lived fizz. It has a clear, well-formed meniscus and a swirl of the glass reveals some long, well formed legs. This is a hearty full flavored grape drink. A dash of grape tannins give it some body and dryness. The wild yest provides a mild tartness and a mild yeast funk. The drink is a little sweet up front and then dries on the finish. The wild beer character is in the background but things are nicely balanced and the tartness and tannins come forward as it warms. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. This is full bodied for a wine and is a hearty drink, slightly petillant with a mild alcohol warming. This is an interesting and unusual beer that has a lot of red wine character. It pairs nicely with a variety of cheeses and if I find it again I am having mine with a freshly grilled, rare strip steak. I rate it 87.

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