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Warpship Open Fermented Saison


Wild Mind Artisal Ales Warpship Open Fermented SaisonWild Mind Artisan Ales Warpship (5.5% alcohol by volume) is an open fermented Saison made with house yeast culture. House yeast culture means that the yeast used is a proprietary variety of yeast developed by or for the brewery and has special characteristics that distinguish it from commercial yeast. Most brewers use fermentation tanks with air locks that let fermentation gases our and prevent outside air from coming in. Open fermentation is when the fermentation tank is open, exposing the fermenting beer to the environment. Open fermentation can encourage the yeast to develop fruit flavors while making it easier for unwanted flavors and aromas to off-gas. The house yeast and open fermentation have helped develop rich fruit notes in this beer - especially peach and apricot. Popping the can releases rich fruit aromas with some spice and pepper. You can smell the beer from a few feet away. The aroma has a definite stone fruit from the fermentation. Medium low malt aromas support the fermentation character. Spicy hop aromas are low. The beer pours pale gold with moderate clarity under a massive, long lasting ivory cap with good retention. The Saison yeast spicy pepper flavors work so well with the yeast's stone fruit flavors that I might try some pepper on my peaches the next time I find some on my plate. Fruit and spice flavors are medium high and lead to a drying, lingering finish with acidity from the carbonation balancing the dryness. There are some citrus and orange flavors behind the stone fruit. The beer has a low, soft malty character and a medium bitterness. The yeast character, malt and hops all work together. The medium light body makes the beer go down easy and the alcohol sensation is low. Carbonation is medium high. This Saison does everything right, just enough and has everything just where it should be. I enjoyed it immensely and rate it 90.

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