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Wild-Mind-Artisan-Ales-La-Femme-Forte-SaisonYears ago when craft brewers first tackled saisons the results often disappointed - they didn't get the yeast right so the end result tasted like a spicy pale ale. Wild Mind Artisanal Ales gets the yeast right. They fermented La Femme Forte Saison with their house yeast culture and then refermented it on mango and peach. They brewed the beer with the help of the women from the barrel society on international Women’s Day. Mango and peach waft from the glass supported by some yeast character and a very mild yeast funk. The moderate aroma offers some spice, a dash of pepper and has a definite Saison character. It drops hazy gold under a 1” off white cap with fair retention. Fruit, mango and peach flavors roll over the tongue leading to a drying finish with lingering fruit and yeast flavors. A gentle bitter hop accent helps define the fruit flavors and play well with the yeast. The spiciness is medium low and adds character and complexity. The slightly funky yeast character goes nicely with the mango and peach. The carbonation starts medium high with an almost champagne like quality and then settles down to medium carbonation to medium plus. There is some peach and mango texture that gives the beer a slight fruit pulp texture. This an elegant beer, a perfect garden beer but also a good for special occasions. I rate it 88.

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