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Wild Mind IdealWild Mind Ideal (6% alcohol by volume) is a German style pilsener dry hopped with Motueka hops. Motueka hops are New Zealand hops descended from Saaz and are noted for their lime, lemon and tropical fruit flavors and aromas. In dry hopping the hops are added to the beer after the boil so they add flavor and aroma but not bitterness. The beer has fruit, tropical fruit, and citrus aromas lightly seasoned by medium low levels of grainy sweet malt that add traces of honey and cracker with a light toast. The hop character moderate is moderate in the aroma and does not drown out the malt. The fermentation character is clean and smooth. The beer pours brilliant gold and is effervescent permeated with streams of long-lasting bubbles. Creamy 2” white cap with good retention perches on top. The Motueka hops are enough like Saaz to not push the beer out of the pilsener style but they add so much character to the beer. Big motueka citrusy tropical fruit flavors ride along with a medium plus hop bitterness. Big hop flavors and bitterness make this beer. It dries on the finish and has long lingering hop flavors and bitterness. Malt provides some support in the finish but does not dominate. The flavor balance is to the hops. The beer has a medium light body and medium carbonation. This is an awesome beer that you are buying the hops and the artful development of the hop flavors and aromas. They are well done and will reward you graciously. 87

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Wild Mind Artisan Ales

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