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Festival Of Oak 2019


Wild Mind Artisan Ales Festival Of Oak 2019Wild Mind Artisan Ales Festival Of Oak 2019 (5.6% alcohol by volume) is an American Wild Ale with dragon fruit and pineapple and dry hopped with Motueka hops. Motueka hops are from New Zealand is an aroma and flavor hop noted for its tropical fruit character. I get fruit, some pineapple, tropical fruit. lemony citrus and some light hop notes in the aroma. Malt aromas are low and there are some low herbaceous notes. earthiness, a hint of oak and a trace of funk. The various ingredients are well blended and difficult to pick apart into their constituent parts. It pours hazy orange pink, under a lightly pink tinted white cap with fair retention. The beer is effervescent and the head has a very fine bead. The beer has nearly unsweetened lemon levels of tartness but there are discernible levels of fruit and the dragon fruit and pineapple especially show up in the finish with some fruity hop flavors adding complexity. The flavors delightfully shift about as the beer moves through your mouth and offer up more flavors in the aftertaste. It finishes with a touch of tannin to dry things out and it works with the tart very well. There are some wild yeast flavors throughout contributing nuances to the overall fruitiness. Malt flavors are in the background, the hop bitterness is very mild and the hop flavors accent the fruit. The tannins from the wood and fruit give some heft to the light body. The carbonation is a wild carbonation and while it has some bite to it but it is softer than most beer carbonation. Festival of Oak 2019 is a very elegant, complex, layered flavorful beer. As you drink you will appreciate how all the parts of this beer work very well together. It is very refreshing and pairs nicely with cheese and food or a sophisticated evening on a bench. The adjectives you append to this beer are elegant, sophisticated, delicious – each sip reveals new flavors. I rate it 97 and will certainly look for it again.

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