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All Together West Coast India Pale Ale


Wild Mind All TogetherWild Mind Artisanal Ales All Together West Coast India Pale Ale (6.5% alcohol by volume) follows a similar malt bill as their New England IPA of the same name and is hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. The timing of the beer is different, producing more of the dank and bitter notes found in a West Coast IPA. Big hop fruit aroma lead with melon and tropical fruit over pine notes and a dash of dank. The hops are not grassy or herbaceous. Malt aromas are low and but supportive with some biscuit notes and bread dough in the background. There are no caramel or toast notes. The fermentation character is clean. The beer looks like a New England IPA, pouring hazy gold under a lacy 3” beige cap with good retention. The beer is not pulpy, murky or cloudy. Big hops dominate the flavors. The beer is like a NEIPA with a more assertive hop bitterness. Some pith and citrus rind bitter lightly sweet melon and tropical fruit up front then the beer gets dry by the finish and a little shot of tart. The flavors have a pleasantly bitter dank under current. The beer is juicy with a slight pucker but the hop flavors in the finish are not sharp or harsh. Malt flavors are clean and neutral and provide support for the hop flavors. Fermentation flavors are low, adding faint fruit notes and some mild yeast funk that is hard to pin down. Alcohol flavors are clean and mild. The beer has a medium plus body, medium carbonation, and no harsh or astringent notes. It is silky and pillowy in the mouth and not creamy or viscous. This is great beer – elegant, eminently drinkable, and repeatable. It has the big hop flavors and bitterness but does not tear a hole in your stomach with acid. I rate it 85.

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