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Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery MaibockWaldmann Brewery & Wurstery Maibock ( 6.3% alcohol by volume) is a Maibock or Helles Bock which is paler and hoppier than a bock beer but packs the same punch. Most Helles bocks available in the US are either made with American raw materials or European raw materials produced by modern methods. The beer is also produced using modern brewing processes. European Helles Bocks either come from the larger brewing concerns using the latest raw materials and production processes or, when made by traditional methods with traditional materials the beers suffer the abuses of shipping from Europe to North America. This beer is different. The beer is made with floor malted Czech Pils malt. Floor malting is a heritage process that is less efficient than modern malting and produces an under modified malt (less processed) that has deeper flavors. Waldmann brews the malt using a traditional decoction mash that more fully develops the malt flavors and character than mash methods used by modern brewers. Waldmann uses the traditional noble hops to bitter the beer and then adds a layer of flavor and aroma with their local St Croix Valley wild aroma hops. Cracking the can releases rich grainy malt with biscuit and honey notes and a trace of toast and bread crust scented with a light touch of spicy and floral hops. It pours very deep gold to amber under a moderate  beige cap that whitens as it drops. Streams of rising bubbles permeate the beer. The head is not quite creamy and persistence is just a little low. Moderately sweet grainy malt flavors lead with some biscuit, toast and a light earthiness. The hops with some interaction from the malt bring some interesting spicy flavors somewhere on the border between anise and all spice with a light touch of pepper. Hop flavors and bitterness are moderate with the balance leaning to the malt. The fermentation profile is clean. The beer has a moderately dry malty finish with a medium bitter hop note. Waldmann does a nice job with the German beers they brew. They usually dial it up a notch giving the beer more flavor  and more of a craft feel and they have hit the mark here. This is a damn fine Maibock you can drink any day and if I see it in a beer cooler, I will buy it. I rate it 88.

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