Wabasha Brewing Company Red Desert


Wabasha Brewing Company

Red Desert

Wabasha Brewing Company Red DesertWabasha Brewing Company Red Desert (7.3% alcohol by volume) is an American IPA. It pours hazy copper amber under a 1” cream to tan colored foam cap that takes 3 minutes to recede to 1/3.” The beer clears as it warms. It smells of light toast, citrus, a trace of caramel and some earthiness. The flavors start with sweet caramel, and orange, balanced by orange rind bitterness. It dries on the finish with a slight hop astringency. The malt flavors are medium high, the hop flavors are medium to medium high, alcohol is medium, dark fruit flavors are low, citrus is medium to medium high, floral character is medium low. No burnt or harsh flavors, no sourness.  The beer is very creamy with medium body and carbonation. This is a full flavored, very drinkable IPA. I rate it 80.

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Wabasha Brewing Company

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