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Venn Tropicopia NE DIPAVenn Tropicopia is a New England Double IPA which means that it is hazy, features hops and at 8.5% alcohol by volume has an extra dose of alcohol. It features three modern hop varieties: Strata, Lotus, and Citra. The 2018 released Strata hops, suggest grapefruit and pine with some pungent dank elements. Lotus released in 2019 are an aroma used for late boil additions and dry hopping hop. It offers orange, vanilla, berry and tropical fruit notes. Citra., the granddaddy of the bunch was released in 2008 and as its name suggests, delivers citrus, grapefruit, lime and tropical fruit notes and can impart a harsh bitterness. Moderate citrus, tropical fruit, and fruit aromas lead with some fresh hop notes and a trace of melon supported by a low malty sweet aroma. The fermentation character is low. All the aroma elements work well together with no grassiness or strong herbaceous notes. no acidic aromas and no malty caramel or malty toast aromas. It drops opaque hazy yellow with no floaties and is not murky or opaque. It is crowned by a 3” lacy white with a fine bead and cap good retention. This beer features the hop flavors. The fruit hop flavors are well developed, layered, complex and nuanced with a definite tropical lean that follows the aromas. The malt is medium low, mildly grainy sweet, and not caramely or toasty. Bitterness is medium low upfront emerging a little stronger in the aftertaste and accenting a very pleasant, lingering tail of flavor. Fermentation character is supportive but hard to find through the rich hop flavors.  Smooth alcohol flavors are medium low. Tropicopia has a medium body and carbonation with no astringency, and no acidic twang. The alcohol is mildly warming but not hot or harsh. As the name suggest, this beer overflows with tropical fruit and suggests a fruit dish you might get from a master chef. It is well balanced with all the parts work well together. This very nicely done and you will appreciate the artistry here as you sit in the warm sunshine and savor the well developed hop flavors. Someone has obviously read the hop book on how to use the newest hops. I rate it 90.

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