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Old School IPA


Venn Brewing Company, Old School IPA I walked into the beer store the other day bemoaning "why can't anyone make a God damned normal IPA anymore - a non-hazy, non-dreamcicle, no-bs IPA wihout a lot of other crap in it?" Then in the cooler was a row of Venn Brewing Company Old School IPA Crowlers (6.6% alcohol by volume, 60 International Bittering units) and my prayers were answered. I bought a few crowlers and after drinking one I realized it was not enough. Cracking the can releases rich, fruity citrusy hop aromas, some mild dank, traces of ditch weed, and tropical fruit with some medium low malt support that works with the hops and a hop supportive fermentation character. It pours brilliant gold with streams of rapidly rising bubbles from the glass's nucleation points. The pour builds a 2” white cap with good retention that provides that special head flavor through most of the drink. Big fruit flavors up front join a medium high citrus rind bitter in the middle. Rich tropical fruit flavors and a hint of pine soften a medium plus bitter with a trace of astringency. The bitter takes over the finish in a very nice way. The beer has a medium body and carbonation. The hops add a mildly astringent note but it works. There is no acidity. This is one of those God dammit I need more of these beers kind of beers. The development of the hops and the balance with the hop bitterness and the malt make this beer. This is a very pleasant drinker and very well done without gimicks and added BS. I rate it 88.


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