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Chronicopia Dank West Coast IPA


Venn-Brewing-Company-Chronicopia-Dank-West-Coast-IPAI'm enjoying my crowler of Venn Brewing Company Chronicopia Dank West Coast IPA (8.2% alcohol by volume) with a few slices of sharp cheddar. Chronicopia is hopped with Columbus, Eureka and Mosaic hops. Columbus hops have been around since the 1970s and are used as a bittering and an aroma hop. Their aroma has herbal notes with a lemon back. Eureka is another hop used for bittering and aroma. It offers citrus, resin and tropical fruit. Mosaic is also a bittering and aroma hop noted for its tropical fruit character. Chronicopia has high hop aromas with a distinct piny melon and fruit smell with strong ditchweed notes. Malt aromas are medium low and complement the hops. The the low fermentation character also supports the hops. Chronicopia pours brilliant gold producing a 3” white cap with excellent retention and splotchy lace. The beer has a brief initial fruity sweetness with some citrus flavors and traces of berry and then it gives itself over to resiny, ditchweed, citrus rind bitter. Hop flavors are big and temper the big bitterness. Malt flavors offer some background bready biscuit in support of the hops and the fermentation character is low and supportive. Chronicopia dries on the finish. The smooth alcohol is mildly warming but not hot or harsh. The beer is well balanced and showcases hops in a west coast manner. Bitterness is big but not sharp or harsh. Chronoiopia has a long tail with a lingering bitter that coats the tongue. Although the hops are bit they are not astringent. This is a very smooth beer with a medium body and carbonation. This beer for hop lovers offers big hop flavors and hop bitterness in a well balanced drinkable package. I rate it 90.

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