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Utepils Brewing Company

Glocal IPA


Utepils Brewing Company Glocal IPAUtepils Brewing Company Glocal IPA (6.5% alcohol by volume, 65 International Bittering Units) is a Belgian IPA. It is basically an American IPA brewed with Belgian yeast giving the beer a fruity and spicy character that one might find in a Belgian Tripel and the hops found in an American IPA. Glocal pours brilliant gold permeated with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1" off-white cap with moderate retention. The beer has a spicy tangerine herbal biscuit smell with a trace of ditch weed. It enters the mouth with cream Belgian texture with spicy fruit and malt flavors that leads to a big bitter finish. The yeast flavors are moderate to moderately high, the malt flavors are moderately low to moderate and the hop flavors are moderate. The bitterness is moderately high. The carbonation is moderately high and the body is moderate to moderately light. This is a very easy to drink beer. The brewer achieves a nice balance between the Belgian yeasts and the hops. I give it an 85.

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