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Rocky Mountain Kolsch


Upslope Brewing Company Rocky Mountain Kolsch,Upslope Brewing Company Rocky Mountain Kolsch (5.0% alcohol by volume) is a Kolsch style ale brewed with Colorado honey and sage. I get traces of honey and sage on the nose and they season the low malt nicely. A delicate spicy hop aroma lurks behind the sage. There is no sulfur, caramel, or toast in the aroma. It pours brilliant light gold permeated by streams of rising bubbles under a robust 2” white cap with good retention. The honey  makes this a flavorful, thirst quenching beer. The rich honey malt flavors lead up front and then sage notes provide a light seasoning before a moderate plus bitter note arrives just after mid-palate. There is a trace pear and maybe apple from fermentation. Rocky Mountain Kolsch has a soft palate with delicate flavors. The honey and sage are there, fit in, but they do not overwhelm. The honey and sage flavors are medium, the malt, hop and fermentation flavors are medium low. All the parts work together. More hop flavors and bitterness come out in the finish. The body is medium light and the carbonation is medium plus. This well integrated, crisp, refreshing beer brings some new flavors to the Kolsch table. 8I rate it 80.

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