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Bourbon Peach

Unity Vibration Bourbon PeachUnity Vibration Bourbon Peach (8.0% alcohol by volume) is a cross between an American Wild Ale and a Kombucha made with wild yeasts and bacteria, all organic ingredients and it is gluten free. It is fermented with a kombucha SCOBY which is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. They are using lactobacillus and Brettanomyces among other things. Then Unity vibration ages the beer in bourbon casks with peaches. The ratings for this beer fall into two camps. It is either one of the top beers the review has had or it is undrinkable. First off, it smells like kombucha and a wild ale. There is lactobacillus (the bacteria used in yogurt), some vinegar, a hint of grain, some peach and a hint of bourbon. In the glass it looks like kombucha. the initial fizz disappears quickly to a hazy gold elixir with no trace of head. The palate tastes like beer and kombucha and after a moment you realize that this is a good thing. The lemony, lactobacillus, vinegary tartness balances the peach sweetness. The bourbon is in there and while it is not very big it adds complexity and balances the kombucha aspects. The beer aspect tones down the Kombucha bite a lite bit and makes it more drinkable. The peach flavors are medium to medium high. It has a sweetness not found in Kombucha from the peaches and this is a definite plus. There is a trace of bourbon barrel in the background that provides some tannin and a faint hint of vanilla. The body is light to medium light and the carbonation is high with a softened kombucha bite. Kombucha fans will like this beer. My wife Nancy drinks kombucha and she loves this beer. Gluten free fans should hunt this beer down and drink it. I have reviewed several luting free beers and I would drink the better ones if I had to be luting free. This is the first luting free beer where I will drink it anyway. Its an interesting and flavorful beer. I rate it 90.

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Unity Vibration

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