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La Fin Du Monde

Unibroue La fin Du MondeUnibroue added La Fin Du Monde to its portfolio in February 1994, about the same time they started exporting to the US.  It means “the end of the world” and when I first picked up a bottle 20 or more years ago I thought of apocalyptic explosions and what not but actually, the early French explorers considered North America the end of the world and a pretty scary one at that.  When I figured out the actual meaning, La Fin Du Monde became even more enticing as I often seek out end of the world kind of places when travelling. This beer is a perfect companion. It is a Belgian Triple-style golden ale that weighs in at 9.0% alcohol by volume and has 19 International Bittering Units. Unibroue spent 18 months developing the yeast strain for this beer. This bottle is good for a year and a half past when I am drinking it. La Fin Du Monde pours hazy straw gold under a 2” rocky white foam column that dissipates to a thick film that grips the side of the glass. It has yeasty aromas of over-ripe fruit, orange peel, coriander, honey and spice supported by rich malt. On the palate it starts yeasty and mildly sweet with big fruit flavors feature banana, orange, and tropical fruit seasoned with flowery spice. It dries on the finish. The texture is big and creamy with above average carbonation, medium body and a little bite from the carbonation. It feels good in the mouth.  This big yeast driven beer full of Belgian flavor is available in 12 ounce and 750 ml bottles and on draught. I prefer it in the 750 ml bottles. They can withstand the levels of carbonation much better than the smaller bottles and on draught the carbonation never seems right. This gets 98 from, 100 from the Alström Brothers at and 93 from the members. I rate it 98. 44 France is selling La Fin Du Monde for $6.99 a 750 ml bottle.

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