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Under Pressure Brewing Company Irish Red In Ireland Irish Red is something your drink when you don't like Guinness or you need a break from Guinness. I have a can, packaged today of Under Pressure Brewing Company Irish Red (6.0% alcohol by volume, 24 International Bittering Units) and as I pour it I get a low malt aroma with light traces of toasty caramel and a dash of spicy hops. There is a light earthy aroma in the background and traces of fruit from the fermentation. There is nothing off or unpleasant in the aroma. It pours brilliant brown with copper garnet highlights under a thick light tan cap with a very fine bead. Moderate caramel malt with a hint of smoke leads the flavors. The beer has an initial sweetness that goes dry on the finish. The dryness on the finish makes the beer and leads you into the next sip. Grainy, light toast, hint biscuit, and some roasted grain notes on the finish help accentuate the dryness. Hop flavors are medium low with just enough bitterness to take the edge off the malt. The body is medium light with no diacetyl slickness. The carbonation is moderate low and spot on. The beer is smooth and moderately attenuated. This is a damn fine, very drinkable beer. It has a little more malt character than some other Irish Reds but that is a good thing and its freshness makes up for any deviations from any Irish Standard. I rate it 87. The next time you are suffering Guinness fatigue, grab one of these.

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