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Under Pressure Brewing Company Historical London BrownFor most of its history, European beer was brown. In the 1830's, Gabriel Sedlmayr took over Spaten from his brother and began experimenting with malting techniques developing Munich malt, leading to the gradual lightening of beers throughout the 19th century and brown beers began to fade in popularity. by the 21st century many brown ale styles had faded into obscurity. I was delighted to find a London brown ale at Under Pressure. My can of their Historical ,ondon Brown (5.0% alcohol by volume, 20 International Bittering Units) was packaged yesterday. This is co-owner and co-brewer Lori Ertl's signature beer that won a gold medal in the 2017 National Homebrew competition final round. All the aromas line up to support the malt. Opening the can releases a low treacle and toffee aromas with a trace of nuts. Malt aromas are medium and rich. Earthy hop aromas are medium low and the fermentation character is low with traces of fruit. It pours opaque dark mahogany brown and gets brilliant around the edges. It has a fleeting dark tan cap. Rich malt flavors lead and are medium sweet. the beer has more heft than a mild and is sweeter than a norther brown. You will enjoy the nutty, toffee, treacle, malt flavors with traces of biscuit. There is no chocolate and the bitterness and hop flavors are medium low. Low fruity esters add complexity. Malt flavors dominate the after taste leaves a lingering treacle toffee malty nutty aftertaste with a light bitter touch. The body is medium to medium plus and the carbonation is just below medium. This is a very rich, drinkable and enjoyable beer. You will especially enjoy the rich expression of the malt that will have you drinking this beer all night. London Brown ales are hard to find and this one is a gem. I rate it 95.

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