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Flo's Pre-Pro Cream Ale


Under Pressure Brewing Company Flo's Pre-Pro Cream AleCream ales are often positioned as a gateway beer - a gentle blend of ale and lager - designed to lure Bud Lite drinkers into the craft beer universe. Under Pressure Brewing Company Flo's Pre-Pro Cream Ale at 8.0% alcohol by volume and 25 International bittering Units is not a bland gateway beer. Under Pressure describes it as a "Snowblower" beer with higher in alcohol and bitterness than a standard Cream Ale. With 8.0% alcohol this is only a snowblower beer if you have a short driveway and sidewalk. My can was packaged yesterday. It has a big aroma. From arm's length you catch malt and closer up yeast driven tropical fruit with some citrus and orange come into play with a light corn sweetness and very faint traces of creamed corn. Hop aromas are medium low with some spicy floral notes. the aroma's balance leans to the malt with the other components providing support. It pours amber with a slight haze and a fleeting head. Rich malt and big well developed fruit flavors lead deftly balanced by a medium plus hop bitterness. Flo's Pre-Pro Cream Ale starts with a mild corn sweetness and dries on the finish with a nice bitter note and a hint of tobacco. Hop flavors are medium. The alcohol is soft and smooth, providing a gentle warming. The carbonation a little low but that is probably due to the can. The body is medium but has a light crisp character. Despite the low carbonation, I really want this beer. Its 88 out and you can’t move a finger without breaking out into a sweat. The air is like a sponge full of hot liquid and the perfect antidote is a cream ale one steroids. This may not be the  best cream ale in the world but it is a damn fine beer – I give it 83, would drink it again any time and more carbonation would bump it up a few notches. Bottom line – it has 8% alcohol by volume and you can drink it like water and it comes with satisfying, rich fruit flavors -a hefty, full flavored beer that takes cream ale up a couple of notches.

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