Under Pressure Brewing Company "Diamond" Amber


Under Pressure Brewing Company


"Diamond" Amber


Under Pressure Brewing Company "Diamond" AmberUnder Pressure Brewing Company "Diamond" Amber (5.2% alcohol by volume, 39 International bittering Units) is an American Amber Ale brewed for former Minnesota Twins Player and current radio broadcaster Dan Gladden. It was paclaged yesterday. It has a low hop aroma and a moderate malt aroma with traces of caramel. Malt leads the aromas slightly. The fermentation character is clean. It pours brilliant copper amber to brown with ruby highlights when held up into the sun. The head is light tan, small and fleeting. The flavor is malty rich. An initial malty sweetness leads to a slightly dark caramel flavor. The malt flavors are layered, complex and nuanced with some grain, different shades of caramel and some traces of nuts. There are traces of fruit in the background from the yeast. Hop flavors are medium low and citrusy bitterness is medium low – just enough to take the sweet malt edge off. It has a pleasant lingering malty finish. The body and carbonation are medium. The well developed malt flavors and aromas make this amber ale stand out and give it a bigger and richer flavor than many amber ales. I give it an 85 and will seek it out whenever I want something medium-bodied yet rich and malty.

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Under Pressure Brewing Company

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