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Under Pressure Brewing Company California Common Under Pressure Brewing Company California Common (5.4% alcohol by volume, 42 International bittering Units) is a style modeled after Anchor Steam Beer, the last survivor of a West Coast and San Francisco style beer and originating as early as 1860 and was a lager beer made without the benefit of refrigeration. As the sole survivor of the style, anchor copy righted the term "Steam Beer" so other brewers of the style have to call their beer something else - hence the name California Common. Fermenting lager yeasts at higher temperatures creates more fruit flavors and aromas. Opening the can releases medium spicy, piny, resiny hops with a touch of mint. Ive had several beers made by Under Pressure and they all have well developed malt flavors and aromas. This one is not different with some solid grainy malt and a trace of toast support backed by light fruit aromas from the yeast. It pours light to medium hazy copper brown under a 1" light tan cap with fair retention. Some woody notes, rustic light pine, mint and sweet malt lead the flavors. As the beer slides over the tongue the malt and hops are close to even with the hops leading by a nose. Bitterness is medium to medium plus softened and balanced by a hefty dose of rich malt. The beer dries somewhat on the finish leaving a long. lingering woody mint bitter. The carbonation and the body are medium and the carbonation is soft. There is a hint astringent note on the finish. The malt is a little big and the hops a little low for a California Common but it is a very drinkable and enjoyable beer. The beer's freshness lets you pick up on some hop nuances. I rate it 80 and would buy it again.

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