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Under Pressure Brewing Company


"Ahhh" American IPA


Under Pressure Brewing Company "Ahhh" American IPAI am drinking a 4 day old can of Under Pressure Brewing Company "Ahhh" American IPA (6.75% alcohol by volume, 73 International Bittering Units) and it is damn nice to see a brilliant copper amber brew fill my glass under a medium off white cap with good retention. Hop aromas lead featuring stone fruit, citrus, berry, some mild resin and mild fermentation aromas and minimal alcohol that support the hops. Hop flavors lead with medium high orange-apricot hop flavors enjoy a light touch of berry and a light kiss of malty sweetness that dries on the finish with a light astringent note. The medium hop bitterness has some tea notes. Hop flavors lead this well balanced IPA that extends you enjoyment with lingering hop flavors and bitterness. Nothing is sharp or harsh and the beer has a rich multifaceted layer of malt underneath. The body and carbonation are medium. I enjoy hazy IPAs but I miss the clear ones and I really like the flavor, drinkability and aftertaste of this very repeatable brilliantly clear IPA. I rate it 90.

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