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Two Juicy New England IPA


Two Roads Two Juicy New England IPAMy can of Two Roads Two Juicy New England IPA (8.2% alcohol by volume) is less than a month old. Hops lead with moderate aromas of tropical fruit, fruit, and citrus with no grassiness or vegetable odors. Some moderate malt, bread crumb to biscuit with no caramel or toast from the malt supports the hop aromas. The first sniff is fruitier than the last as some of the hop aromas gradually blow off. The fermentation character is supportive. There is nothing acidic, starchy or creamy in the aroma. Two Juicy pours hazy yellow under a 2” white cap with good retention. The beer is not cloudy or murky and is free of chunks, particulate matter and floaties. High hop flavors hit the tongue with fruit, tropical fruit, melon, and berry. The rich hop flavors soften the moderate hop bitterness that has some citrus pith to citrus rind notes. The hop bitterness is not harsh or sharp. The malt provides a light grainy sweetness with no noticeable toast or caramel flavors and along with the hop flavors helps balance and soften the hop bitterness. The fermentation character is mild and works with the hops. Two Juicy is indeed juicy especially up front but it finishes finishes off dry with a pleasantly long lingering fruit flavored tail lightly seasoned with a fruity bitterness. There are no sugary sweet flavors and nothing starchy of creamy. Two Juicy is soft on the tongue but not creamy. It is not acidic or astringent. The body and carbonation are medium. The alcohol is smooth, mildly warming and not hot or harsh. Two Roads Two Juicy is very drinkable, easy on the tummy, and repeatable. It does not overwhelm the senses, which increases its drinkability. It's flavors and balance hide its big alcohol which makes it easy to drink. Nothing really special sticks out but it all works together and is a beer you are sure to relish. I rate it 85.

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