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Witch Bot Triple Dry Hopped German Style Hazy IPA


Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Witch Bot Triple Dry Hopped German Style Hazy IPATin Whiskers Brewing Company describes their Witch Bot (6.5% alcohol by volume, 24 International Bittering Units)as a Triple Dry Hopped German Style Hazy IPA which is a great description except that the beer is a brilliant deep gold to amber, which suits me just fine. As the beer drops it kicks up a robust 3" persistent light beige cap that adds a pleasant creaminess to each sip. Varied and complex hop aromas lead with melon, grape and citrus with hints of tropical fruit. Malt and yeast aromas are farther back. The first sip has me thinking damn, I like this beer. A wide range of delicious fruit flavors in the front of the mouth there offer just a trace of fruity sweetness that highlights melon, grape, and citrus and then the bitter comes forward mid palate and the flavors blend together marvelously. Tin Whiskers handles the malt like a big robust German Pilsner or a Munich Helles and although in the background there are a range of bread and bread crust notes that provide a light accent. The fermentation character is clean. The beer finishes fruity with a balancing citrus rind bitterness and some grape and white wine notes. The very pleasant finish lingers long and dry with fruity bitter notes. The bitterness is smooth and not harsh or sharp. The beer is crisp and clean with medium body and carbonation, is not acidic and is gentle on the stomach. This is a very enjoyable, big, boisterous IPA that is full flavored yet something you can drink all night. I will certainly add a few cans to my next order. I rate it 86.

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