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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Tactical TurtleneckWhen you find yourself with an uncontrollable craving for hops - something on the order of an ex-smoker looking for tobacco or a mother to be tearing the ice box in search for that last bit of ice cream, reach for a Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Tactical Turtleneck Triple Dry Hopped New England IPA. The alcohol is dialed up to 9.1% alcohol by volume. The hops come in at only 34 International Bittering Units but the beer is dosed three times post-ferment with hops to pull the maximum amount of flavor-rich essential oils out of the hops and into the beer. Captivating rich fruit notes are all over the aroma with tropical fruit leading followed by stone fruit and citrus. A light bready sweetness from the malt is in the background supported by smooth, clean alcohol aromas . The hop aromas are all complex, layered fruit flavors with nothing grassy or herbaceous. The beer delights the eyes with a hazy straw gold body under a massive and persistent 3" off-white cap with a light gold tint. The aromas themselves should take the edge off your hop cravings but you are here to drink. Let the beer roll around in the front of your mouth for a moment and enjoy moderate citrusy flavors and an almost honey sweetness up front with some stone and tropical fruit. As you swallow the bitterness grows mid-palate and goes dry as a bone on the finish. The beer is juicy but not acidic. Hop flavors are high, bitterness goes from medium low to medium plus but is not sharp or harsh. Alcohol is there but does not dominate even at 9.1% alcohol by volume and it is not hot or harsh, adding to the flavor profile. A hint of tartness and a slight astringent touch on the finish has you wanting another sip. The beer is smooth with a medium body and carbonation. What really sells this beer is the blend of hop flavors, bitter and dryness. The beer is flavor packed and way too easy to drink considering its alcohol content. I rate it 87 and want another.

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