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Pils Nye #Science Rules!


Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Pils Nye #Science Rules!Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Pils Nye #Science Rules! caught me with its name - I attentively followed Bill Nye the Science Guy during the 90's and then there are the memories evoked of Nye's Polonaise Room, a Northeast Minneapolis institution for 66 years and home of the World's Mos Dangerous Polka Band. The beer has nothing to do with the bar but does honor the Science Guy and I'll drink to that. The beer has 5.5% alcohol by volume and 30 International bittering Units. Tin Whiskers brews it with German ingredients, floral hops and a clean, cracker like malt.

It has the smell of medium low malt with some cracker notes, a faint hint of cabbage in the background, and medium low hop aromas, Hops and malt aromas are in balance. It looks like an unfiltered, young Keller beer. It is bright but not brilliant straw old with a very light haze under a 2” off white cap with good retention. A medium spicy, floral hop bitterness leads supported by a medium cracker like malt character. The malt supports the hops. the beer is well attenuated with a dry, clean ferment and a crisp finish. The flavor's balance leans to the hops. The body is medium light and the carbonation is medium high. There is a little bit of bite from the carbonation on the finish. This is a moderately complex crisp, clean German Pils that looks and tastes a little bit like a Keller Beer. Is flavorful and easy to drink. I rate it 78.

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