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Nova #7 IPA


Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Nova #7 IPATin Whiskers Brewing Company has double dry hopped their Nova #7 IPA (8.6 alcohol by volume, 28 International Bittering Units) with Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria, Eldorado and Zythos hops. Double dry hopping means that the brewer has either added hops post fermentation on two separate days or has added twice as many hops post fermentation. with juicy noted of pineapple, banana, orange zest and passion fruit. In either case, double dry hopping has extra layers of hop aromas and flavors and you will notice big hop aromas upon cracking the can. Pineapple and banana aromas lead supported by tropical fruit and citrus. While big, the hop aromas are not grassy or herbaceous. Clean neutral malt aromas are in the background with traces of bread. It pours hazy yellow with a faint touch of orange under a robust 3” off white to light beige cap with good retention. The beer is not cloudy or murky and there are no floaties.
Hop flavors caress the palate with layers of pineapple, tropical fruit, and stone fruit. A light sweetness up front dries out on the finish becoming crisp and dry as a bone. The hop character in the aftertaste is not sharp or harsh. There is a light sweet graininess up front but no toast or dark sugar flavors. The fermentation character supports the hops. Fruit flavors are big – almost like a glass of juice except that the bitterness is more elegant. The bitterness in the aftertaste is medium low, alcohol character is there especially in the finish but supports the hops. The beer is juicy, not creamy, with medium high carbonation that leaves a little tingle on the tongue. The body is medium and there is not astringency on the finish. The alcohol is mildly warming and not hot or harsh. There is no acidic twang and the beer is easy on the stomach. This is a big juicy beer that is all about the hops and the handling of the hops is why you want to drink this beer. I rate it 84 and it is a beer you can drink more than one of.

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