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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company HefeweizenTin Whiskers Brewing Company Hefeweizen with 5.0% alcohol by volume. Moderate bready wheat aromas lead scented with banana and citrus with a trace or clove and very faint bubble gum. It pours hazy straw gold under a robust off-white cap with fair to poor retention. The flavors start mildly sweet and give the banana has a slight edge over the clove up front, but the clove catches up by the finish. the flavors have definite bubble gum notes and a hint of vanilla. Bready wheat provide support. The hop bitterness is low. The beer has a medium light finish, above average carbonation and a light, spritzy finish. This is a very drinkable middle of the road Hefeweizen that could be a little creamier and have a little more banana and clove. You can drink it all night but to capture the hearts and minds of the devoted hefeweizen drinker it needs more yeast character. I rate it 77.

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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company


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