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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company German Dark LagerTin Whiskers German Dark Lager is a Munich Dunkel that clocks in at 5.1% alcohol by volume and 18 International Bittering Units. It has a rich grain aroma with bread crust, nuts, and a hint raisin. Spicy ho aromas are very low and there are no chocolate or toffee aromas. It pours copper brown with garnet highlights under a robust and lasting light tan head with good retention. It has a very light haze. Rich complex malt flavors with layers of soft grains, bread crust and mild toast lead the flavors. It has a light nutty notes with very low traces of caramel and chocolate and a dash of raisin. Although the malt leads the flavors the beer is not cloyingly sweet and dries on the finish. there are no burnt or bitter flavors from roasted malt and no pronounced crystal malt caramel flavors. Hop bitterness moderately low but perceptible. there is some malt in the finished that is balanced by some hop bitterness. the beer has a clean lager fermentation character. The body is medium, carbonation moderate, and the mouth feel is soft. This is a malt forward lager with rich complex malt flavors and just enough hop bitterness to give it character. I rate it 78.

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