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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Dope Bot IPATin Whiskers Brewing Company Dope Bot IPA is a Double Dry Hopped IPA brewed with OG Kush hops from Mighty Axe Hops. The beer clocks in at 7% alcohol by volume and 24 International bittering Units. If you entered a room filled with the smell of these hops you would look for the bong or go outside and look for a canal to make sure you are not in Amsterdam. This beer is dank and smells like the finest grade hops with a little ditch weed thrown in with a possible trace of pine. Malt aromas are moderate and any fermentation character or alcohol are hard to find behind the hops. It pours bright copper amber under a robust 4" off-white to beige cap with good retention. The initial flavor has some fruit notes but the bitterness is there throughout – it is not harsh but it is assertive, dank, resiny hop flavors support the bitter. The bitterness is dry and herbal and the malt flavor is low. There is some astringency on the finish but it belongs and segues into a long lingering bitter aftertaste. Dope Bot finishes dry with nothing sweet or heavy. The alcohol flavor is clean, smooth and not hot or harsh. You are buying the beer for the dankness and the bitter which really lingers giving the beer an exceptionally long tail. The body and carbonation are medium and the alcohol warming mild and pleasant. If you are looking for dank, look no further than this exceptional, hoppy, flavor packed, intensely dank double dry hopped IPA. I rate it 91.

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