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The Bruery

White Oak


The Bruery White OakThe Bruery White Oak (11% abv (alcohol by volume), 20 IBU (International Bittering Units)) is a blend of 50% ale (Mischief – their strong golden ale) and 50% ale aged in bourbon barrels and it goes so very well with Stinking Bishop cheese. Pop the cap and a mild fruit, caramel, and vanilla coconut caress both the nose and the tongue with a slight yeast funk to go with the cheese. The caramel is as much from the bourbon barrel as from the malts as is the vanilla and probably the coconut. The coconut does not taste added and the bourbon flavors are well done. The barrel flavors mute the melony pear flavors from the Mischief but they still have an enjoyable presence. There is not a big hop presence but it does provide an accent in the finish. The beer pours hazy gold under a 2” dense foam cap. The fruit, coconut, vanilla, wheat, and yeast flavors from the beer go very well with the funky barnyard aromas and creamy, buttery flavors from the Stinking Bishop. The cheese’s bitter finish is made for beer such as White Oak. White Oak’s very creamy soft carbonation matches and yet cuts through the creamy buttery flavors of the cheese.   Both the beer and the cheese have a big presence, well balanced complexity and an elegance. The alcohol presence on the palate is much less than on the label – there is very little warming and no hot, solventy flavors. I rate it 90. 

The Bruery


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