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The Brewing Projekt

Midnight Oil

The Brewing Projekt Midnight OilThe Brewing Projekt Midnight Oil (5.6% alcohol by volume) is an American Stout brewed with coffee which you can smell as soon as you crack the can. Mild roast, some light malts and a hint of chocolate join the coffee but there are no harsh or burnt roast aromas. Fermentation aromas are medium low and hop aromas are low. It pours deep dark brown under a lacy 2" light tan cap with good retention. The beer is nearly as creamy as a nito beer but the range of roast, coffee, and dark fruit flavors suggest the creaminess comes from the yeast and malt. A mild sweetness with a slight fruit character nicely balances the coffee bitter. The coffee is big enough so that you know it is there and but not big enough to over power the other elements of the beer. There is a mild roasty astringency on the finish. Malt flavors are medium plus, coffee flavors are medium, fruit and yeast flavors are medium low, hop flavors are low and hop biterness is medium low. The body is medium plus and the carbonation is medium and very soft and creamy. You must drink this beer for its soft, creamy texture and balance of rich coffee and roast flavors. It is very flavorful and easy to drink and has a lingering malty coffee aftertaste. I rate it 84.

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The Brewing Projekt

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