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Summit Brewing Company Summit Keller PilsSummit Brewing Company Summit Keller Pils (5.1% alcohol by volume) is a Kellerbier. A Kellerbier is a lager that hasn't beern l;agered (stored) giving the beer a fresh, yeasty character. The yeasty character is evident on the nose with scrambled egg, green apple, pear and a trace of phenolics (hot dog) aroma on the nose. The phenolics quickly pass. This Summit Keller Pils is nearly 3 months old so it has lost some of the haziness or cloudiness typical of the style. Summit Keller Pils pours bright straw gold filled with rapidly rising bubbles under a 1" ivory foam cap with good retention. The flavors are rustic with green apple, a hint of cooked cabbage, fruit, some oyster cracker and bread crumb with spicy, herbal hops showing up on the finish joined by a touch of snappy tartness. This medium bodied beer is very creamy with medium high carbonation. This full flavored beer balances the rustic flavors well and is very drinkable. I rate it 85.

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