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Summit Brewing Company


Horizon Red IPA*

Summit Brewing Company Horizon Red IPASummit Brewing Company Horizon Red IPA (5.7% alcohol by volume, 66 International Bittering Units) pours opaque reddish brown with ruby highlights around the edges. Rapidly rising bubbles support a 1" cream colored rocky foam column with good retention. The beer is moderately lacy. Grain, lightly caramelized malt, spice and slightly earthy aromas rise from the glass with traces of resin, spice and tropical fruit. Head brewer Damian McConn really brings out layers of malt flavors with nutty biscuit, traces of caramel, grainy spice and kettle sugars balanced by tropical, spicy hop flavors. While many American IPAs emphasize the hops, Damian gives the malts equal billing with a delicious result. This full flavored beer has a creamy, medium body and medium carbonation. I rate it 88.

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Summit Brewing Company

* Beer Judge Certification Program Commercial Example



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