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St. Bernardus Tripel Removing St. Bernardus Tripel's cork produces a loud pop and releases a white mist from the bottle. The 8.0% alcohol by volume beer pours hazy gold (SRM 5) with rapidly rising bubbles under a 3.5" mousse-like off-white foam column that lasts over 5 minutes and produces Gothic cathedral window lace. Bringing the glass up to your ear reveals a soft fizzy hiss. Move the glass to your nose to appreciate Belgian yeast fruit and spice aromas with a hint of light white toast to bread crumb. A light swirl releases pear aromas with a hint of bubble gum. It has a very creamy palate transporting yeasty fruit flavors over the tongue and traces of marshmallow. A very moderate bitterness provides balance at the end. It is mildly sweet and the flavors grow in depth and interest as it warms. The body is medium which is light for such a big beer and the carbonation is medium high. St. Bernardus is a delight in both flavor and texture. It is a real value considering the quality of the beer. I rate it 95 and need to remember to drink it more often.

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Brouwerij St. Bernardus

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