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Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Light Blonde


Shiner Light BlondeSpoetzl Brewery Shiner Light Blonde (4.2% alcohol by volume) pours brilliant pale straw as streams of bubbles rapidly rise to form a thin white sudsy foam cap with moderate to poor retention. The aromas are light grain, a hint of cracker, light floral hops and a hint of fruit. The malt and hop aromas are medium low. The palate starts with a mild malty sweetens becoming more grainy with light bread crumb notes as it crosses the tongue. There is a faint trace of fruit but overall it has a clean fermentation character. Hop flavor and bitterness are low and the balance is towards the malt. It finishes medium dry. The body is light and the carbonation is medium high. This is a light beer with a smidgen more flavor than the norm for light beer. I rate it 65.

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Spoetzl Brewery


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