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Aniversario 1 Saison


SouthNorte Beer Company Aniversario 1 SaisonSouthNorte Beer Company Aniversario 1 Saison (7.5% alcohol by volume, 35 International bittering Units) is a saison brewed with Mexican honey and epazote and dry hopped with fresh cilantro. A spicy aroma features the epazote and cilantro, light malts, and a modest fermentation character. The aromas work very well together. It pours bright copper under a large, robust creamy white foam collar with good retention. The flavors are layered and complex with the saison peppery and fruit flavors contrasting the added cilantro and epazote. The spices, fruit flavors, and the malt give the beer a faintly sweet savory character that grows on you as you drink and as the beer warms. The beer finishes dry and spicy. The body is medium light and the carbonation above average. This is an elegant beer with all the parts working well together and nothing out of place or over stated. Enjoy this beer with some seafood or by itself on a warm afternoon. I rate it 89.

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