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Sierra Nevada Porter*

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Sierra Nevada PorterMy bottle of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Sierra Nevada Porter (5.6% alcohol by volume, 32 International Bittering Units) was packaged a year ago. I picked it up off a singles shelf and I should know better after hearing the owner tell a patron that if a beer is not selling, he breaks up the six pack and puts it on the singles shelf. The beer pours bright brown with ruby highlights under a 1.5" cream to light tan cap. Small bubbles rise moderately fast. It smells like mild cocoa and coffee, toast and malts with no big oxidation aromas. Chocolate and light roast lead the flavors with traces of coffee. Earthy, herbal, floral, fruity hop flavors are present in trace amounts. There are no harsh roast or burnt flavors. Bitterness is moderate. There are traces of oxidation but the beer is still very drinkable. The beer has very creamy, almost mousse-like texture with a medium to medium full body and medium very soft carbonation. Although a little long in the tooth, this is still a very drinkable beer.

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

*Beer Judge Certification Program Commercial Example


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