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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company OktoberfestSierra Nevada Brewing Company brewed their Oktoberfest (6.1% alcohol by volume, 30 International Bittering Units) in collaboration with Miltenburg Germany's Bauhaus Miltenberger. They have used a traditional German grain bill and German grown whole cone hops. Popping the cap releases mild aromas of light cracker, bread crumb, a hint of light bread crust, and spicy German hops. It pours brilliant gold permeated with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1" white foam cap with good retention. The beer offers a rich array of malt flavors including cracker, light bread crumb, light bread crust and rich melanoidins that taste like caramel with the sugar squeezed out. It dries on the finish. The hops provide a moderate bitterness and subtle range of spicy, earthy hop flavors. The beer leans to the malt but is well balanced. The body and carbonation are medium. This is a good, repeatable beer that cries out for pork and fried chicken. I rated it 85.

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company


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