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Life & Limb

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Life & LimbSierra Nevada Brewing Company Life & Limb (10.2% alcohol by volume) is an American Strong Ale brewed in collaboration with Dogfish Head. Its brewed with maple syrup. Life & Limb pours dark black with a persistent 2”clingy light tan foam collar that mounds up over the rim of the glass.  The nose has traces of malt and caramel with herbal woody notes and a suggestion of root beer. The palate starts with toasted malt, root beer, roast, light sweetness, and big alcohol. The malt flavors are medium to merdium high, the hop flavors and bitterness are medium to medium low, and the maple flavors approach medium.  Life & Limb has a medium full body with creamy, soft carbonation, and a slight warming that grows as you drink. I rate this rich, creamy, complex, deep and full flavored beer 90.

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