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Beer Camp Across America Pat-Rye-Ot

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Pat-Rye-OtSierra Nevada brewed Beer Camp Across America Pat-Rye-Ot (5.6% alcohol by volume, 55 International Bittering Units) with Roseland Virginia's Devil's Backbone Brewing Company, Milton Deleware's Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, Warren Vermont's Lawson's Finest Liquids, Adamstown Pennsylvania's Stoudts Brewing Company, and Boston Massachusetts' Trillium Brewing. The collaborators brewed this pale ale with rye and apples and a big dose of American hops. It pours hazy gold with fast rising bubbles streaming up from the bottom of the glass to rejuvenate a 2" persistent white to cream colored foam collar that thakes 3 minutes to descend to a thick, lacy film. The beer has an earthy, dank almost meaty nose with citrus, fresh laundry, spice, baked fruit and faint apple. Pat-Rye-Ot hits the palate with a tingle, subtle apple and rye. there is a hint of caramel but the beer is mostly dry. There is some spicy tartness near the finish. The apple flavor is restrained with the apple serving more to lighten the beer than to enhance the flavor. As the beer warms, more apple flavors come out. The hop bitterness is medium high, the hop flavors are medium, the malt is medium to medium low. The rye flavors are medium to medium high and its influence on the texture is medium and it contributes to the creamy texture. The body is medium to a little less and the carbonation is above average. This is a very drinkable rye beer with a nice dose of hops and a superlative texture. I rate Pat-Rye-Ot 85.

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