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Beer Camp Across America West Latitude Session Rye

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America West Lattitude Session RyeSierra Nevada Brewing Company brewed Beer Camp Across West Lattitude Session Rye (5.5% alcohol by volume) in collaboration with Bear Republic Brewing Company, Faction Brewing, Mad River Brewing, Magnolia Brewing, and Maui Brewing Company. They brewed the beer with hibiscus flowers and rye. West latitude pours birlliant brown (SRM 27) under a 1/2" persistent cream to light tan foam cap. The beer has an enticing aroma composed of rye spice, light roast, a trace of nuttiness, a hint of eartiness and some light floral. The attack starts with creamy rye flavors with some near the toasty end of rye which sets it apart from German Rogenbier. There is a slight sweetness that dries out by the finish. A light grainy tartness near the finish with help from the hibiscus joins with coffee and chocolate. While roast is pleasant, there is nothing harsh or burnt. The bitterness is mild to just above and the malt is medium to medium high. Both the grains and a mild hop presence contribute to the bitterenss. West Latitude has a very creamy texture with a body slightly inching above medium and medium full carbonation. This is a big flavored beer with moderate alcohol making it very easy to drink. I rate it 85.

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