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Beer Camp Across America Family Values

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Family ValuesSierra Nevada Brewing Company brewed Beer Camp Across America Family Values in collaboration with August Schell, Dark Horse, Halfacre, Perenial Ales and Sunking Brewing. It's an imperial brown ale with 8.5% alcohol by volume. Family Values is brewed with complex roasted malts, honey, oats, nutty Minnesota wild rice and id finished with cocoa nibs. Family values pours deep brown under a moderately persistent 1/2" light tan foam cap over steady streams of bubbles slowly rising from the bottom of the glass. The glass gives off complex aromas of malt, chocolate, grains, oats and nuttiness similar to wild rice. It has an initial musty and earthy character. Family Values presents layered flavors including caramel malt to chocolate with honey in the middle. Some initial cocoa flavors give way to light cocoa asringency on the finish. Coffee and nut flavors grow as the beer warms. The beer is well balanced with nothing overstated or out of balance. the beer has a very creamy texture, medium full body and medium carbonation. There is a very slight alcohol warming. Nothing is harsh or hot. this beer stands out for the balance between the various elements that the brewers have achieved and the character they have developed in this beer. I rate family values 91.

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