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Beer Camp Across America Alt Route

Sierra Nevada Brewing Beer Camp Across America Alt RouteSierra Nevada Brewing Beer Camp Across America Alt Route (6.6% alcohol by volume, 50 International Bittering Units) is two months old. It pours brilliant chestnut under a 1" off-white to cream colored foam cap with moderate retention. Alt Route has big malt aromas, earthy hops, some linght grains and hints of spice. There is a fleeting scent of popcorn butter that quickly fades. This beer has an outstanding assertive bitterness from start to finish that is expertly balanced by the malt. The malts offer biscuit flavors with hints of caramel and traces of anise to licorice. The malt and hop bitterness are medium. Hop flavors are medium low. I rate Alt Route 85.

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