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Pipeworks Brewing Company GlaucusMy Pipeworks Brewing Company Glaucus (6.2% alcohol by volume) was packaged five and a half months ago. Its a Belgian IPA seasoned with citusy American hops. It smells of biscuit supporting a very pleasant citrus hop aroma with hints of cardamom, spice and earthiness. A hazy gold pour creates a robust, very creamy, 2.5" mouse-like ecru foam blanket with good retention. The flavors start lightly sweet with citrus, tangerine, big fruit flavors, gooseberry, green grape, traces of spice and cardamom and a hint of bubble gum over a biscuit and cookie backbone. The Belgian yeast shows up more in the flavor than it does in the nose. The beer has a very creamy Belgian yeast texture with a medium light body and medium high to high carbonation. This is very enjoyable beer due to the marriage of Belgian yeast character and the deft handling of American hops. The flavors, lightness and rich texture will have you going back for more. I rate it 85.

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Pipeworks Brewing Company


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