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Pipeworks Brewing Company

27 Lives

Pipeworks Brewing Company 27 LivesPipeworks Brewing Company 27 Lives (8.5% alcohol by volume) is a hoppy Belgian Tripel. It has spicy Belgian yeast aromas, some earthiness, stone fruit, berry, over ripe fruit, light malt, and mild alcohol. Yeast aromas are medium high, hop aromas are medium low and malt aromas are low. It pours hazy amber permeated by moderately fast streams of bubbles under a 1" off-white to cream colored cap with fair to good retention. Mildly sweet fruit, berry, grapefruit, stone fruit, apricot, light dried fruit, with traces of caramel and sugar flavors roll across the tongue. By mid-palate an assertive bitterness emerges and it finishes moderately dry. The bitterness is herbal with bits of grapefruit rind and is mellowed by the Belgian yeast character. The beer is very creamy with a medium light body and above average very soft carbonation. There is mild alcohol warming but the alcohol is not hot or harsh. I am enjoying this beer because of its rich flavors and texture and how the Belgian yeast transforms the big assertive hops. I rate it 85

Recommended pairing: Barron Point oysters

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