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North Coast Brewing Company

Brother Thelonious

North-Coast-Brewing-Company-Brother-TheloniousNorth Coast Brewing Company has been brewing since 1988, they are a Certified B Corporation which sets certain standards for community, philanthropy, and environmental stewardship. Google the company and look at their roof - it is stuffed with solar collectors. North Coast Brewing Company's Brother Thelonious honors the late jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk. It is produced under an agreement with the Thelonious Monk estate and a portion of the proceeds of every bottle and keg of Brother Thelonious goes to the Monterey Jazz Festival education programs.

Brother Thelonious is a Belgian Style Abbey Ale (Belgian Dark Golden Strong) - a dark strong ale with big alcohol that blends malt richness, dark fruit, and spice. The beer pours brilliant deep copper brown with a thin light tan cap with poor retention. It has a rich fruity nose with fig, dates, some wine notes, cherry, pepper and spice. Cherries, dates, figs, dark sugars and mild malt notes dominate the first sip. The second notices smooth alcohol that leaves a mild warming, a moderate bitterness and you start to notice how well the fruit, the malt, the spice, the alcohol and the hop bitterness all work together. The beer is full bodied, almost chewy, with medium carbonation but it still has the wanting more quality of a much lighter beer. The beer is a big elixir that improves as it warms, revealing more flavor and revealing an exquisite balance. Nothing is out of place and nothing is wasted. Everything fits. I rate it 89.

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North Coast Brewing Company

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