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New Belgium Brewing PilsenerNew Belgium Brewing Pilsener (4.8% alcohol by volume) is a Czech Premium Pale Lager or a Czech Pilsner. My bottle has a best by date 3 months in the future. Spicy, herbal hop aromas are most noticeable followed by light bread dough. The fermentation character is clean. It pours brilliant straw filled with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1/2" white foam collar with good retention. The flavors start slightly sweet with cracker and a trace of biscuit leading to a moderate hop bitterness and a trace of tartness on the finish with a little pear flavor and some spicy herb. It dries on the finish. While the balance leans slightly to the hop, the malt and the hops work well together. It starts with a little prickle but is creamy and smooth with medium body and medium high carbonation. This is a very nice, refreshing Pilsner, perfect for hot summer afternoons. I rate it 85

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New Belgium Brewing

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