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New Belgium Brewing DayblazerNew Belgium Brewing Dayblazer (4.8% alcohol by volume) is a blonde ale, an easy drinking, non-assertive beer. It pours bright gold filled with streams of moderately fast rising bubbles with a 1/2" frothy white cap with fair retention. It smells lie floral hops, cracker, light fruit, and some light tea. There are no apple aromas. Floral hop aromas are moderate and malt aromas are moderately low. It taste like sweet fruit and citrus with a gentle malt backbone. Malt flavors, primarily cracker, are low to moderately low, hop flavors are moderate, hop bitterness is moderate to moderately low. It ends dry and crisp with a touch of malt and bitter and a little tart juiciness. The body is light to medium light and the carbonation is above average. This is a flavorful, refreshing beer. I rate it 80.

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New Belgium Brewing


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